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At Greenland Veterinary Hospital, we’re committed to keeping your pet healthy for life. Being your veterinarian is a long-term investment for us; the happiness and well-being of your four-legged family member is our highest priority. Our Newmarket, NH area animal hospital serves dogs, cats, and exotic pets with complete care that includes wellness exams, vaccinations, laboratory diagnostics, dental care, and surgery.

Your pet deserves a lifetime of comprehensive and personalized veterinary care, regardless of their age or species. Our vet team is here to serve both you and your pet with the highest level of medicine and service.

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Veterinarian New Market NH

Newmarket, NH Exotic Pet Care

Our skills and knowledge are not limited to the treatment of just dogs and cats. We also welcome small mammals, birds, and even reptiles. Their health needs are just as important as any other pet’s, and we can also give you helpful advice on grooming, nutrition, managing your pet’s habitat and environment, and more.

Because exotic pets have many unique needs, it’s important to meet with your veterinarian at least once a year to evaluate your pet’s health, check for disease, and update their care routine at home to improve their quality of life.

Veterinary Services for Newmarket, NH Pets

If you’re looking for an animal hospital that offers a remarkably wide range of healthcare services, look no further than Greenland Veterinary Hospital. Our highly trained veterinarians and staff can meet most if not all of your pet’s lifelong needs with:

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