Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Greenland, NH

Cat and dog vaccinations defend your companion from potentially deadly infectious diseases and we have the expertise your pet needs when getting these important immunity strengtheners. After working in animal vaccine development, Dr. Melissa Magnuson grew her practice to three locations after graduating veterinary school, including Greenland Veterinary Hospital. The vet’s farm roots helped her fall in love with animals and she saw firsthand how they could be saved with the right vaccinations. Greenland Veterinary Hospital has the ability to give new and older pets customized vaccinations in addition to “core” ones they should all get.

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Dog and kitten looking at each other

When You Should Get Your Dog & Cat Vaccinated

Dog and cat vaccinations are one of the first things you should schedule for a new bundle of fur. Puppies and kittens should have their initial dose of vaccinations administered at six to eight weeks. A series of essential vaccines are then dosed every three to four weeks until the final booster at four-months old. An essential round of vaccines for cats protects them from three different, highly contagious diseases, along with rabies, which is required by law. For dogs, they are protected from four different diseases, along with rabies, after their “core” vaccines are taken care of. Adult cats and dogs should have vaccinations updated at our clinic either every year or every three years. Our veterinarians are ready to educate you on exactly when your pet should be re-vaccinated, because it is largely dependent on lifestyle.

Customized Vaccinations for Dogs & Cats

After your pet receives essential vaccines every pet gets, we determine which ones will ensure their individual health. A cat is less likely to need additional pet vaccinations for something like feline leukemia if they stay indoors, because it only affects outdoor animals. If your dog goes to doggy daycare, we may want to vaccinate for Bordetella, or kennel cough. Travel with your pet will also be considered, because pets can pick different diseases up from different climates, areas or countries. Let us take care of your pet’s vaccination needs! We utilize stress-free techniques to make the vaccination process as easy on your furry family member as possible.

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