Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning in Greenland, NH

You clean your teeth on a regular basis to prevent cavities, so why shouldn’t your pet receive the same consistent dental care? Greenland Veterinary Hospital places a strong emphasis on pet dentistry, due to the mouth-body connection. Neglected oral health can lead to gum disease, which can eventually affect the heart, liver, and kidneys. This isn’t a fate that any loving pet owner would want for his companion, so we’re committed to preventing gum disease with dog and cat teeth cleaning. Our team has invested in ongoing pet dental care education as well as state-of-the-art pet dental equipment, which allows us to provide pets with high-quality, modern dental care.

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Cat with a dental toyAbout Our Pet Dental Care Services 

When you bring your pet to Greenland Veterinary Hospital for dental care, you can expect nothing but exceptional care. We perform all dental services under anesthesia and monitor all vitals throughout every procedure. Our veterinary technicians assist with each dental cleaning, ensuring that your pet is monitored and safe at all times. A standard professional dog and cat teeth cleaning consists of:

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Anesthesia and surgical monitoring
  • Digital dental X-rays to view below the gum line
  • Tartar and plaque removal (scaling)
  • Polishing to smooth tooth surfaces

At-Home Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning

In addition to professional veterinary care, we recommend that you maintain your pet’s dental health from home with regular teeth brushing. Combining veterinary dental care with at-home dental care is the best way to prevent oral problems for your canine or feline companion. There are several products available that can help prevent tartar buildup—which can then prevent gum disease—such as chews and toys. We can give you brushing tips and product recommendations at your next visit.

If you’d like to schedule your pet’s dental visit, or if you have any questions about our pet dentistry services in Greenland, give us a call at 603-433-5665. Together, we can eliminate your pet’s risk of ever developing gum disease, so you can enjoy more years with him.