Stress-Free Pet Visits in Greenland

Does your dog become hyperactive when it’s time for an exam? Has your cat ever become frantic during a visit to the vet? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone, but the good news is: this doesn’t have to be the case at Greenland Veterinary Hospital. That’s because we’re a stress-free animal hospital, and we’ve been practicing methods that keep pets at ease for years. Being “stress-free” means that our team is specially trained to create a comfortable, safe environment for your companion using a variety of handling techniques. Some of the methods we use include:

    • Gentle handling with minimal restraint
    • Treating only one pet at a time
    • Using slow, steady movements
    • Explaining what we’ll do before we do it
  • Speaking to your pet to assure them that they’ll be safe*

Stress-Free Dog at Our Animal Hospital*According to a recent groundbreaking study that was featured in the Washington Post, dogs can actually comprehend what their owners are saying beyond just basic commands. This study—performed by scientists in Hungary—involved examining the brain activity of dogs while certain words were spoken. Dr. Tamás Faragó, who was involved in the study, concluded that cats (and other domestic animals) are also likely to understand words and tones. So although it may seem a little unusual, we find that pets tend to be much more relaxed and calm when we speak to them directly.

Bottom line? Our goal is to help your pet have a comfortable experience at our animal hospital that’s free of fear, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. If you’d like to schedule a stress-free pet visit at Greenland Veterinary Hospital, give us a call at 603-433-5665.