CareCorrals in Greenland: A Virtual Metropolis of Empathy and Love

Perhaps your pet has fur and walks on all fours. Or maybe she has feathers and flies. Whatever species of pet you have, we know she’s not just an animal; she’s a member of your family, and that’s just how we’ll treat her at Greenland Veterinary Hospital. We also want to want to give you the opportunity to connect with other pet owners in the community, which is why we’re pleased to offer CareCorrals through our partnership with PrizedPals.

About CareCorrals

CareCorrals is a secure micro-community that exists on the web for pet owners by invitation only. It serves as a convenient network that enables you to connect with friends and family for any reason related to your pet. After all, pets have stories worth telling, lives worth rejoicing over, and relationships worth fostering. CareCorrals simplifies group connectivity so you can communicate with many people at once without the need for mass emails.

This web-based system includes features that help people focus more on their pet, loved ones, and helping each other without any emotional obstacles. As a result, you can request and offer support, and others can sign up quickly and easily at their leisure. Once your family and friends are signed up, they can generate their own private, personalized CareCorrals and invite others to join, too. Only those who are invited can participate in CareCorrals.

CareCorrals in Greenland, NH

Benefits and Features of CareCorrals

  • Mobile-device friendly
  • iHelp interactive calendar that allows you to get support and from loved ones
  • 3D animations that explain a variety of medical and healthcare topics in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Private blog that encourages therapeutic, light-hearted, or humorous interactions for loved ones anywhere in the world
  • Photo sharing, allowing for a way to share stories and relive memorable experiences
  • Interactive social storytelling to celebrate special memories with loved ones actual voices and photos
  • English and Spanish options

If you’d like to learn more about CareCorrals, give us a call at 603-433-5665. Or, if you’re ready to enroll, click the link below.