Pet Laser Therapy Offers a Drug-Free Alternative to Pain Management

Does your pet have arthritis or any other debilitating condition? If so, we can help. Greenland Veterinary Hospital is proud to use Companion® laser therapy, the latest in chronic pain and inflammation treatment.

How Laser Therapy Helps Your Pet

Laser therapy provides a non-invasive way to treat pain and inflammation while restoring mobility and function for your four-legged friend. It can also heal cells to help your pet recover faster, easier, and with less pain. It works by using concentrated light energy harnessed in a handheld device. Our trained technicians hold the device over your pet’s affected area and the light penetrates deep into their tissue. There, it activates cellular production and other physiological effects that help to speed up healing and reduce pain and inflammation.

Conditions We Treat with Laser Therapy

Pet Laser Therapy for Greenland: Man Holding Cat

This versatile treatment modality can be used for various species to treat:

  • Chronic pain and osteoarthritis
  • Wounds and hot spots
  • Dermatitis
  • Fungal infections
  • Gingivitis
  • Anal gland abscesses
  • Lacerations and wound healing
  • Post-surgical incision treatments
  • Lick granulomas
  • Sports medicine therapy

Frequency of Treatment

The length and frequency of each treatment with vary based on several factors including your pet’s condition, their coat color and thickness, and their response to treatment. A typical session lasts from 10-30 min. Chronic conditions generally need longer and more frequent sessions to see results, while injuries, wounds, and post-surgical recovery only need one or two shorter sessions. We’ll talk with you in-depth about your pet’s treatment plan so you can know what to expect.

Call us at 603-433-5665 to ask more about our pet laser therapy and whether your pet would benefit!