First, we want to thank you for following our strict protocols and for being patient with what is undoubtedly a stressful time for you and your pet. We want to take a moment to assure you we are here to continue to provide the safest, most reliable and quality service that we possibly can.   We kindly request that you review our most up to date protocols below. We will continue to learn information daily and improve upon our protocols if needed. As always, we will hold the health and well-being of our employees, our clients and pets to the highest standard of care. 

  • If you or a member in your house are exhibiting clinical signs of sickness such as a cough, sneeze, fever, difficulty breathing, or have been exposed to COVID-19, we ask that you remain home and do not bring your pet to us but call us instead for appropriate next steps.
  •  If you are healthy, when you arrive at the hospital, remain in your car and call us for instructions.  **You must bring your phone with you to your scheduled appointment.** We will provide a curb-side appointment and no clients will be allowed in the building.  Please do not get out of your car until instructed to do so. Please be aware we are communicating via the phone for all appointments so if you do not reach us the first time, please call back until you do.  If you do not have a phone YOU MUST NOTIFY US when you schedule your appointment for additional steps. 
  • Sometimes our phone lines do get backed up so do not get discouraged if you call and get voicemail. We will call you back as soon as possible, but if you have a medical emergency and get our voicemail, please hang up and call again, you will get through. If you are waiting in our parking lot and get our voicemail, try calling again in a couple of minutes in case staff hasn’t had the chance to check the voicemail due to the high call volume. 
  • After you are checked in by our technicians by phone, one of our staff members will meet you to transfer your pet to us. Our staff member will be gowned, gloved and masked. We ask that you wear a mask or face covering as per CDC guidelines when you transfer to us and when we transfer back. Please refrain from asking questions to the staff member who transfers your pet. We will talk by phone to answer all questions. 
  • While your pet is with us, doctors and staff members will talk to you by phone regarding your pet’s care, diagnostic plan, treatment plan and discharges. We will email and call with pertinent information so you have all the guidance you need. We prefer that you pay electronically (over the phone) for all services rendered. 
  • NEW: Prescription pick-ups AND Lab Drop offs can be paid for ahead of time or at the time you arrive and are waiting in the parking lot. Stay in your car and call us to let us know you arrived. You will be instructed with next steps and where to pick up the prescription or drop off your lab work. While you are dropping off or picking up at the designated location, please maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and others and as per CDC guidelines. If you are outside of your car, it is recommended you wear a mask or face protection.
  • Please keep your pets inside your car unless you are transferring to a staff member. Do not allow them to play with other pets in our parking lot. We are a hospital and pets are here for illness. Please respect this and keep all pets and people healthy. 

Our hospital employees are trained in contagious disease practices. We have instituted very strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols as well as strict PPE regulations in the hospital. We are gowned, masked and gloved while caring for your pet. Our employees have their temperatures taken twice daily and if they have any illness at all, they are asked to stay home per the NH Department of Public Health rules. Our goal is to keep our employees healthy so we can service your pets. Please keep in mind that COVID-19 has reduced our staffing because of school closures so please be patient as we try to service you as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Thank you!